Owning the largest integrated forestry industry plant in the Black Sea Region, Vezirköprü Orman Ürünleri provides the production infrastructure for Peli.

The company started manufacturing goods in 1996 and now continues with the manufacturing activities on a 200-decare land in Vezirköprü, Samsun.

It offers integrated solutions like glue, MDF, particle board, melamine-coated MDF and particle board, pyrite plate, laminated and printed parquet, plywood, exotic and structural timber, battenboard and industrial wooden mold systems.



Çamsan Entegre, was established in 1978 as the first laminate flooring, MDF and MDFLam manufacturer in Turkey.

Continues its leadership in its sector in terms of quality and product variety today.

Çamsan is an Integrated facility with production units of MDFLAM (Melamine Coated Board) and Laminate Flooring, as well as high quality raw MDF boards with various features and dimensions. 


TERRA laminate flooring is the right of every home with its quality and rich decor options suitable for every budget. TERRA laminate floorings, which bring living spaces together with the subtleties of decoration, also contain more than what is expected from a laminate flooring: Scratch, stain, point impact resistant, easy to clean, antibacterial and water resistant for 24 hours.


Scratch and point impact resistant, easy to clean, antibacterial VARIO​ laminate floorings offer the advantage of a long-lasting and comfortable use with its 24-hour water resistance. With their unique and stylish designs, VARIO​ laminate floorings give a sophisticated look that differentiates living spaces


AGT Laminate Flooring, achieving harmony with nature, delivers comfortable aesthetics through its non-staining surfaces, standard production at E0 value, and features such as being anti-static and water resistant. With its durable structure that resists UV rays and abrasion, AGT, a Turkish laminate flooring manufacturer, offers the opportunity for long-term use while enhancing comfort and aesthetics in interior design.